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Keihin Suppliers Portal

Welcome Keihin Suppliers!

Welcome to Keihin North America’s supplier portal. Here you will find the necessary systems for supplying parts to Keihin: KNA online order system, eSP, and supplier quality portals.


KNA Online Order System Portal

Keihin’s online order system (OLOS) is designed to provide suppliers with real-time information from Keihin’s ERP system. Information available includes: orders, receipts, ASN status, accounts payable, RTVs, parts cross reference, and packing list creation.


KNA eSP Supplier Portal

The eSP supplier portal is the next generation supplier portal for orders, acknowledgement, supplier shipping, and ASN management. Transition of suppliers to the eSP portal began in 2016.


KNA Corrective Action Portal (PSD)

The PSD Supplier Portal is the system Keihin uses to manage corrective action requests issued to suppliers.

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