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Electronic Control Units

Keihin provides quality electronic control units for the mobility industry.  Our electronic control units implement control strategies that meet increasingly stringent requirements for safety, security, quality and performance.  Our dynamic customer focused teams of associates challenge themselves with developing and producing the Electronic Control Units that exhibit high performance and while minimizing cost. 

Our electronic control units have been verified and validated for critical embedded control systems for applications such as:

  • Fuel injection and emission controls
  • Automatic transmission controls
  • Gaseous fuels controls
  • Battery control for hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Electric traction motor control for hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Active Mount control
  • All Wheel Drive control


The ECU controls overall power train including the ignition system, the fuel system, and the transmission for the purpose of engine performance improvement, fuel consumption improvement, cleaner exhaust gas, and drivability improvement. In case of hybrid vehicle products, it also perform controls exclusive to hybrid vehicles additional to the above controls.


ECU for Active Control Mount

ACM (Active Control Mount) restrains the vibration conducted to the vehicle body by offsetting vibration caused by variable cylinder management of the engine for the reduction of the exhaust gas and better fuel consumption with the vibration of the opposite phase at the minimal level. This controls the actuator that is built into the ACM depending on the situation.



This is an electric control unit that controls the switching between 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive by distribution of driving force of the front wheels and rear wheels responding to the changes of the road surface conditions and the vehicle running conditions at real-time, and also controls the function of LSD (Limited Step Differential) function, which stabilizes the driving force of left and right rear wheels.