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Advanced Fuel Components



Keihin has been supplying precision gaseous injectors to original equipment manufacturers and conversion specialists for over a decade. With variations able to handle compressed natural gas, liquid propane gas, and hydrogen gas over a wide range of flow rates, we can support almost any original equipment application. Put our millions of miles of experience to work for you.


Pressure Regulator

Precision fuel pressure is the start of a system designed for optimal emissions performance. Keihin’s latest design incorporates and integral shut-off valve and interchangeable connections for easy integration into your vehicle’s engine compartment. A single stage design with dual-stage performance allows for meeting aggressive cost targets while exceeding the quality level expected by our customers.


Low Pressure Filter

Keihin is pleased to offer a low pressure filter designed for easy serviceability and long life. The sealed unit is easily replaced by any dealer. The filter is available with output port configurations for inline or V engines and an optional pressure port.