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Aftermarket Performance Auto Parts

Enthusiasts around the world recognize Keihin as the leading name in performance carburetors. Please use our site to see a full range of available products and supporting information.




We are very pleased to have the opportunity to introduce our products to you. We feel that our customers will benefit greatly from the information posted to this site. All Keihin products on this web site are designed and built with the experience and knowledge gained from over 40 years in the fuel management business. Keihin's experience includes building the fuel injection systems for Super Bikes which require the highest level of technology in order to win races. Along with developing racing systems, Keihin is a supplier of fuel systems for major manufacturers like Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha. In order to meet the needs of these manufacturers, Keihin is required to supply them with the best quality products available.


General Information

Keihin is a leader in manufacturing of carburetors and other related products. For this reason Keihin recommends that only genuine Keihin parts be used in their products. The use of genuine parts will insure that you receive maximum performance from your Keihin carburetor. This web site lists products and parts that are currently available from your authorized Keihin Dealer. Contact your local Keihin Dealer to purchase items from this web site or to answer any questions you may have concerning products or parts which are not listed on this web site.

When ordering products from your dealer, always make sure to have the correct part number and description to avoid ordering the wrong part.



Keihin carburetors and parts are guaranteed for 30 days from the date of purchase. The warranty covers only wrong parts, missing components, and improper assembly or machining. Damage done by tampering or the use of alcoholic fuels, which contain more than 10% alcohol by volume, are not covered. Products which have been modified from the original design cannot be returned.