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Keihin IPT Manufacturing, LLC inducted as a Partner in Pollution Prevention by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Greenfield, I.N. (October 8, 2013) – Keihin IPT Manufacturing, LLC (KIM) was recently inducted as a partner in the Indiana Department of Environmental Management Partners for Pollution Prevention Program. The induction was publicly announced at the 16th Annual Pollution Prevention Conference and Trade Show in Plainfield, Indiana. Jeremey Jukes, Sustainability Lead at the facility in Greenfield, accepted the recognition on behalf of KIM.


The induction was a component of the 2013 “P2 at the Crossroads” Conference hosted in partnership with the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable. The two-day event included presentations from local, national and international speakers regarding pollution prevention, sustainability and environmental stewardship.  There were also poster sessions, networking opportunities and training programs throughout both days.  Jeremey Jukes commented on the KIM sustainability program, “This has been a learning experience.  Our facility efforts to save energy, reduce waste to landfill and become a better steward of our environment have been supported by the networks and efforts of the pollution prevention program. We are incredibly excited to be a partner and are looking forward to continuing our journey in sustainability!”


In 2012, KIM hired a sustainability coordinator. The company is working to make decisions for tomorrow that will lead to decreased spending, increased employee morale with a higher level of engagement, improved community involvement, and strengthened partnerships. The company has a sustainability program in place, “Sustainable Keihin” and is moving forward in its goal to becoming a more sustainable business.  AVP of Keihin North American Operations Chris Eckhardt elaborated on the company’s efforts, “This program has rolled out to our facilities nationwide. Not only are we conserving resources and positively impacting our bottom line, but we are also working together, evaluating and incorporating best practices and educating our employees.  There is no downside.”


About the Indiana Partners for Pollution Prevention

The Partners for Pollution Prevention is an organization comprised of Indiana industries, businesses, nonprofit organizations and governmental entities that are interested in pollution prevention as well as the financial and environmental benefits P2 projects can bring. The Partners provide a forum where Indiana businesses can network and exchange ideas about P2 experiences and discuss how P2 fits into current and future IDEM programs. The Partners realize that pollution prevention is the arena where the environment and economics can meet on common ground. The Partners for Pollution Prevention champion pollution prevention and environmental stewardship programs in businesses and organizations by promoting successful practices and approaches to achieve measurable reduction of pollution in Indiana.


About Keihin IPT Manufacturing

Keihin Indiana Manufacturing (KIM) is a leading manufacturer of automotive systems, including air and fuel management systems. The company utilizes advanced manufacturing processes and techniques to create world-class products. KIM was founded in 1989 and is a subsidiary of Keihin North America.


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