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Transmission Devices


Linear Solenoid Valve for AT

This is a control module for 6-speed automatic transmissions. The functions of four linear solenoid valves and three shift solenoids are integrated. As realizing light weight and small size, gear shift and clutch oil pressure are controlled very precisely to accommodate multiple steps of gear shifts. There is a line-up of optimum linear solenoids that suit the use such as high response type due to exhaust gas regulation and for fuel consumption.


Solenoid Valve

Gears are shifted within the Automatic Transmission by switching the oil passage based on the command from ECU and actuating the shift valve. Due to the fuel consumption regulations, the solenoid body was changed from steel to aluminum. The result was a reduction in weight. Additionally, the electromagnetic coil was reduced by increased efficiency through a change in the structure of the magnetic passage of the solenoid. The high thrust force solenoid specification allows a wide range of oil pressure control. The optimization of valve setting ensures oil flow even at low temperature, realizing high response switching of the shift valve.