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Two Stroke Carburetors

PJ General - PJ Carburetors

The best selling carburetor for two stroke engines.

The PJ carburetor has proven itself in the dirt bike market with it's unique oval slide valve. The oval slide enables the engine to respond much quicker than with a conventional round slide carburetor. You benefit with faster acceleration and improved performance.

Valve PJ PJ Dimensions

PJ Features:

  • Chromed oval slide for excellent response.
  • Throttle bores sized for more power and improved air flow at low and middle Rpm.
  • Easy to use enricher and speed control.
  • Easy jetting with jetting parts available.
  • Available pre-jetted for most popular makes and models.

Download the Technical Info (PDF)

PJ Carburetors Standard Jetting

SIZE Main Jet Slow Jet Jet Needle Thr. Valve
PJ 34MM 67R #152 #55 48CEG #6.0

PJ Carburetors Sizing Chart

PJ 34MM 41 59 91 174.0
PJ 38MM 45 63 91 183.0