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Off Road Carburetors

FCR-MX General - Flat-CR Off-Road Racing Carburetor

Ultimate off-road performance.

Keihin has developed an FCR carburetor designed for the specialized needs of the off-road racer. The FCR-MX carburetor has many new features to take motocross and ATV performance to the next level.

racecar FCR-MX carburetor

FCR-MX Features

  • Over-flow drain joint and tube.
  • Air cut valve (ACV) for de-acceleration enrichment.
  • Hot re-start knob.
  • Quad vents.
  • Throttle cable enclosure.
  • High capacity float chamber.
  • Float chamber baffle for rough terrain.

Download the Technical Info (PDF)


FCR-MX Sizing Guide

Venturi Size Engine Size (cc)
37mm 250 - 375
39mm 350 - 500
41mm 450 and larger